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Are you ready to break through what's keeping you in the status quo and thrive?

Have you been unable to do, create or manifest something you believe you are meant for? 

I am here to help you shed what holds you back

and empower you to step more fully into

"your one wild and precious life"!

It can be frustrating and disheartening to know that you have come into the world to bring forward something beautiful, meaningful and unique only to repeatedly bump up against barriers that seem immovable and insurmountable.


Over time, we have a tendency to internalize these repeated, seemingly unsuccessful attempts at expressing our yearnings and gifts as personal failures. Beliefs that we must be inadequate, incapable, or unworthy of having the lives we want become the unconscious (or conscious) foundation of our behavior, leading us to give up and settle for less.  

I'm here to affirm that you are worthy and that the world does want your uniqueness and your gifts. You deserve to thrive and you can! You may simply need a little help clarifying what's most important to you, developing awareness of the habits of thought and behavior that are getting in your way, cultivating new habits that support your worth and your goals, and nourishing your courage and confidence so that you can step out on behalf of your best self.

Because unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior are usually deeply ingrained, if not unconscious, and have the power to sabotage the desired but less established habits, the process of growth and change is difficult to do without tools that expose us to different ways of perceiving and understanding our circumstances and without ongoing, compassionate support. Using a combination of coaching and a unique modality called Systemic Family Constellation Work, which embodies an understanding of the neuroscience of change, the impact of multi-generational trauma on one's ability to thrive, the value of compassion and acceptance, and the power of mindfulness, I offer to partner with you to bring about the changes you identify as being most important to your success and contentment.

In my role as a facilitator, I commit to holding the torch of your worth, of your uniqueness and your gifts, of your capacity for growth and change, of your place in this world, and of your role as the expert in your own life. I will support you as you explore and nourish your vision for your life and I will support you in shedding the bonds and patterns that do not serve you. It is the natural order of things that you should live a full and beautiful life -- one in which your best self shines and through which you can express what matters most to you. 

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