Systemic Family Constellation Work

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Systemic Family Constellation work address individual and family patterns within the family system. Patterns that may have existed for generations are respectfully identified and a systemic resolution is presented, which may help an individual, couple or family to re-pattern their behavior within the context of their family system.  

Appealing to our innate human desire to live our lives in balance and harmony, this phenomenal methodology taps into the wisdom of the systems in which we live – our family systems, community systems, and organizational systems.  The wisdom reveals and can transform the subtle energies, dynamics and patterns that either enhance or hinder our ability to thrive.  The methodology is a facilitated process that explores life's complexities and skillfully transforms them so that the most harmonious outcomes may arise. 

The essence of this work can be described as restoring the flow of love and connection. The real question that underlies most of our loneliness, unhappiness, anger, failure, and even illness is, where has the flow of love become blocked -- within our family, within ourselves? Through the Constellation lens, we look in new ways at old problems, bringing to light the most deeply subconscious dynamics of the family systems, dynamics that we may very well be blindly acting in accordance with. These hidden forces can hold our attention for years or even a lifetime; they can also ensnare our children and their children. As a facilitator, I embrace the possibility of another way. The goal is simple … poignant … profound – to see what has been heretofore unseen and to experience the loving permission of our ancestors, especially those with whom we may be entangled, to forge a new and trustworthy alliance with love and abundance.

- Used here with permission from the Seattle Constellations Institute

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