-19  Support

COVID-19 presents challenges that significantly impact our lives on a daily basis and that put our lives, the lives of loved ones and our futures in question.


We are collectively and individually being faced both with circumstances many of us have no familiarity with and with a magnification of stressors that we already knew to some degree. Feelings of fear, uncertainty, sadness, anger, grief, despair and anxiety are, understandably, coming up and the ways we have supported ourselves in the past may feel inadequate or be unavailable due to closures, isolation, or diminished financial resources.

I have chosen to respond to this crisis by offering sessions on a sliding scale basis for anyone who is unable to access the support they need. 

You can schedule an initial session from the 'Services' tab above or click on the link below.

Article: "That Discomfort You're Feeling is Grief", by Scott Berinato