Grief & End-of-Life Coaching

Are you grieving a death or the loss of something important to you?


Do you need help navigating the unpredictable and oftentimes overwhelming emotions of grief?


Have you received a life-threatening or

life-altering diagnosis?


Are you considering what it would mean to live well in the final chapter of your life?

When death or profound loss confront you, it can feel as though the ground is falling out from under you and life can seem surreal. Emotions arise that are confusing, frightening, or overwhelming, and you may feel ill-equipped to function in your daily life. "Normal” life no longer exists and the possibility of peace seems far away at best.

In my experience with grief, especially related to death, I’ve found that one of the most painful and debilitating feelings is that of being alone. ​Yet while you might wish for someone to be with or lean on, it’s not uncommon that friends and family, though well intentioned, may unknowingly collude with our culture’s fear of death and grief by trying to ‘fix’, comfort, or direct your attention to more ‘positive’ things.


As a grief and end-of-life coach, my role is to help alleviate that sense of loneliness and internal chaos, not with platitudes or distractions, but by focusing on you and what you need to negotiate your new reality. I offer an empathetic, neutral ear when you need to talk and, through gentle questioning, help you to connect with your own deep wisdom and the resources you most need during the bewildering process of grief, be it over the loss of a beloved, a marriage, a dashed dream or the impending end of your own life.

As your Grief or End-of-Life Coach, I will:

  • Provide deep, compassionate listening with acceptance and respect for your unique journey, your wisdom, and your timeframe;

  • Affirm that you are the expert in your own life—and your own death—and assist you in tapping into your own best answers through insightful, gentle questioning that arises out of deep listening;

  • Normalize the experience of grief and the process of dying;

  • Aid your search for understanding, resources, and strategies for self-care;

  • Be with you, wherever you are, and honor your path and your wisdom as you walk through your experience of grief or of dying.

I consider being lovingly present for those who are navigating the path of grief or the end of their own lives to be sacred work, and I would be honored to walk with you. I believe that this path is one you can not only bear, but one that will open the way for you to find peace and live fully.​