Life Coaching

Do you find yourself faced with a task or challenge that feels overwhelming? 


Do you want to pursue or achieve something but find it difficult to know how to move forward or stay focused?


Do you set the bar so high for yourself that you can't possibly succeed?


Do feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy get in the way of doing what you love or creating what would feel fulfilling?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you will likely find life coaching to be a great support in helping you get where you want to go and live your life in an authentic, meaningful and fulfilling way. 


As a coach, I start with the conviction that there's nothing 'wrong' with you and that you have within you the wisdom and capacity to succeed.

As we work together, we gain insight into what is getting in your way. It might be unproductive thought patterns, a lack of clarity, critical self-talk, a need for more organization, or perfectionist tendencies that, by setting the bar so high, put a you in a paralyzing stranglehold. It might be fear, anxiety, or unresolved grief -- emotions that need to be acknowledged and felt in order to give you focus, energy and belief in the possibility of something different.

In the coaching relationship, you have in me a partner who will:

  • Gently shed light on and help you release unhelpful perspectives, patterns and behaviors

  • Invite you into a more accepting, affirmative and compassionate relationship with yourself

  • Help you to set goals and mile markers that are aligned with your values

  • Help you steer clear of disabling standards of perfection

  • Provide supportive accountability

As a trained grief coach, I can also sit with you and listen deeply when difficult emotions surface.

Coaching is a meaningful and rewarding way to support yourself in stepping more fully into

"your one wild and precious life".