Coaching Clients & Constellation Workshop Participants

"Since I began working with Katrina, about a year ago, my life--and my attitude to life--have shifted enormously. Once I undertook my tasks and work, as a mother, wife, writer, and individual, out of a sense of "should." I "should" do this, I "should" do that. Working with Katrina has helped me see how joyful it can be to notice what calls me and inspires me. That joy and enthusiasm can guide me to how I choose to be, rather than the draining and dis-empowering "should" energy I once held. Now, I am empowered in my choices, noticing what inspires me, where I feel genuine enthusiasm, and what opens me to being more connected with my self. This empowerment has changed the way I work, the way I mother, and the way I relate to my partner, family, and friends.

"Katrina's presence allows a safe and honest reflection of who I am, what my truth is, and where I am called to go. Her reflection inspires me to grow as a human being, in ways I had forgotten that I could.


"I have a deep sense of gratitude for Katrina's coaching and presence. She has helped me grow more fully into the person that I truly am."

Rachel Clark

"As my coach, Katrina helped me in so many ways. 

"She celebrated my successes, always found something positive to acknowledge, helped me create plans that worked best for me, and lifted my spirits on the occasional days when my energy was low. On days I felt blocked by fear, by the end of our session, the fear had been replaced with a plan of action I could easily follow and I felt 100% better.


"Katrina was able to hear under what I was saying and, with direct but gentle questioning, helped me discover what was holding me back. Through being coached, I was able to release old patterns and negative self-talk and replace them with self-talk that was focused on the positive."

Renee Jardin

"I have had a number of life coaches in the past and have found Katrina Mikiah to be exceptionally talented.  My very first session with her led me to make a profound shift in the way I run my life that has helped me be more relaxed and yet be more fully engaged both at home and at the office."

Mark Winstein

"I have received coaching from Katrina for nearly a year, and have made huge changes in my life and attitude as a result of her work. Katrina is a master at helping people find their own answers, see their own strengths, and make effective changes in their lives. She does this is a very subtle, magical way, by holding the space for us to become more of who we truly are. She sprinkles a few seeds, helping us see our own strengths and seeing the gift in each challenge, and before you know it, we are mighty oaks, doing things we’d only dreamed of before!

"Coaching is a positive, energizing experience. Unlike therapy, it is not for examining the past, but for finding our own power in the present and putting it into practice. Through the first foundational session, Katrina learns each person’s core values and visions, and helps us take small steps that reflect that vision. Do you want to feel completely supported for who you are, to be cheered on by a loving being from the sidelines as you take steps in the direction of your true path? Do you want to celebrate who you truly are and feel connected to Spirit, whatever that means to you? Then give Katrina a call."

Laura Girardeau

"I have attended several Constellation workshops with Katrina over the past few years. I have benefited greatly from them!  My relationship with my elderly father is much easier and more full of compassion than before.  And I had a dramatic improvement in my relationship with some chronic health issues after the last Trauma focused workshop with Katrina.  I have much less worry and more self acceptance since that workshop. What a relief!  I have noticed at each workshop that Katrina is gentle, kind and very present with each person and thus creates a warm and safe environment for unfolding and healing to occur.   Thank you, Katrina!!"

Nancy H.

"Constellation work is a very powerful process and I loved how you created a space of acceptance and discovery for us.  I have participated in many different kinds of inter- and intra-personal processes, facilitated by many talented facilitators, and you and this process are among the most effective I have ever experienced.  I can think of clients of mine who would benefit greatly from this process."

Dave Potter, LCPC

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